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How to use beard serum to get the best results

Having a beard for a man has many health benefits, the most important of which are delaying old age, protecting the man from cancer, and giving him more attractiveness and elegance, considering the beard is one of the secrets of a man’s attractiveness.
A new study has shown that a man’s attractiveness reaches its peak at the “full, stubble” stage.
But what should we do if we want this beard??

Beard serum - Shiny Blue

  • What is beard serum?
  • Who can use beard serum?
  • Should you use beard serum every day?
  • When should you use beard serum?
  • How to use beard serum?
  • The most important oils that make up beard serum?
  • Are there other effective ways to encourage beard growth in addition to using beard serum?

What is beard serum?

Beard serum is important as a facial moisturizer and hair thickener. No matter how short or long the beard is, it helps in obtaining the nutrients that make it soft and strong. It eliminates the problem of beard dandruff, and it is also very effective for the skin.
Since it can be difficult to moisturize the area where the beard is located, beard oil also helps moisturize it by penetrating those areas.
In addition, water strips the natural oils from beards, but beard oil allows these oils to be restored.

Who can use beard serum?

All men can use beard serum as it is suitable for all skin types, short and long beards.
If you have a thin beard or there are gaps in it, beard serum helps it grow more and faster.
If you frequently shave your beard, applying oil after shaving also softens the hair follicles and prevents irritation that may occur in the next shave.

Should I use beard serum every day?

If your skin type is oily, it is enough to use it once daily and keep the amount of oil low.
If your skin is dry, you can apply it twice a day.


When do you use beard serum?

  • Beard oil is used to treat dryness, flaking skin, split ends of the beard, etc.
  • Using the serum in the morning helps the beard look bright and attractive throughout the day by styling it after applying the oil.
  • Beard serum also helps in giving you a thicker beard.
  • One of the most important points to pay attention to is that you must apply oil to a clean beard if you use the serum before cleaning your beard. It will mix in excess dirt and oils accumulated throughout the day which will not get you the desired results.
  • Also be careful not to use very hot water when cleaning the beard, as this will dry out the skin and beard.
  • It is helpful to include exfoliation that you will apply at least twice a week in your cleansing process; This process helps clean the dead skin accumulated under the skin and beard and helps the grooming oil to penetrate the skin effectively.

How to use beard serum?

  • It is best to use beard serum after taking a warm shower. The heat and steam help open the pores and make your skin and facial hair more receptive to oils.
  • We all know that oil and water don't mix; So gently dry your face and beard with a towel after showering.
  • Apply and make circular movements to ensure penetration into the skin.
  • Gently pressing the applied area can increase the effect by warming the product with the heat of your hands.
  • After distributing the oil, you can comb it with a thick-toothed beard comb and spread it everywhere.
  • When using beard serum, remember not to overdo the amount you use; Otherwise, your beard will look greasy.

The most important oils that make up beard serum

  • Jojoba oil:
    Jojoba oil is from the jojoba plant. Jojoba oil helps hair follicles grow and get rid of problems of irritation, inflammation, flaking, and eczema.

  • Argan Oil:
    Argan oil from the Moroccan argan tree, this oil softens your skin and protects it from wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  • Sweet Almond:
    Sweet almond is a plant that produces delicious nuts. Applying sweet almond oil to your bearded skin will reduce inflammation and help prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Coconut:
    Coconut oil is one of the best natural oils available for moisturizing.

  • Tea tree oil:
    Its antimicrobial properties prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi. It also stimulates blood circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the follicles.

  • Peppermint Oil:
    Promotes blood circulation and nutrient delivery and has a cooling effect.

  • Eucalyptus oil:
    anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, enhances blood circulation and nutrient delivery.

  • Rosemary oil:
    Nourishes the skin and can stimulate blood circulation. It is also an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

  • Hazelnut oil:
    Helps prevent skin problems, such as eczema and acne

Are there other effective ways to encourage beard growth in addition to using beard serum?

Beard growth is largely determined by genetics and hormones, including testosterone. Healthy lifestyle habits that may have a positive impact on testosterone production include:

  • Follow a healthy diet rich in protein, beneficial fats and good carbohydrates.
  • Take supplements containing vitamin D and zinc.
  • Exercising and lifting weights.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Reduce stress.

Beard serum is a cosmetic product designed to improve the appearance of the beard and the skin underneath. It can also make beards look healthier and more attractive and has many advantages.
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