Use hair care serum

How to use hair care serum?

Hair Care Serum - Shiny Blue is a special product designed to provide effective care and shine to your hair.

With the right application steps, you can provide your hair with the care it needs.

Steps to use:

  • Preparation:
    You can use it before washing your hair or when you want to apply it to clean hair. Whether the hair is slightly damp or completely dry depends on your preferences.
  • Serum quantity:
    Take a nut-sized amount of Hair Care Serum - Bright Blue in the palm of your hand.
  • Application:
    Gently warm the serum in the palm of your hand and distribute it to the ends and lengths of hair. In particular, you should pay more attention to the ends of the hair, because the ends of the hair are often drier and more damaged.
  • Massage:
    Gently massage your hair to allow the serum to penetrate the hair strands, avoiding gently pinching the hair strands while doing so.
  • distribution:
    Walk your hair or gently smooth your hair with your fingers to ensure the serum is evenly distributed.
  • Create a pattern:
    You can use it before or after creating your hairstyle. While the serum straightens the hair, it also helps the hair gain shine.
  • Regular use:
    For best results, make sure to use Shiny Blue Hair Care Serum regularly.


Important Notes:

Avoid using too much serum, as this may make your hair look greasy.'
Be careful when applying the product to the scalp.
Before using the product, read the packaging carefully and follow the instructions.

Hair Care Serum - Shiny Blue provides shine and care to your hair with regular use, while at the same time supporting easy combing. With correct use you take care of your hair and make it healthier.

You can visit the product page, or buy it directly from here.

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