Special care for your hair: correct use of keratin shampoo

Special care for your hair: correct use of keratin shampoo

The importance we give to our hair in our care and beauty routine reflects our desire to have healthy and shiny hair, while increasing our self-confidence.
In this context, keratin shampoo is considered one of the products that takes the lead in hair care and strengthens it by providing the nutrients it needs. However, its correct use is important to achieve the desired results.

Steps to use keratin shampoo.

  • Moisturizing hair:
    Wet your hair well with warm water when starting your hair care routine. This will help the shampoo penetrate your hair better.

  • Shampoo application:
    Take an appropriate amount of keratin shampoo in the palm of your hand, and you can adjust the amount according to the length and density of your hair, then apply the shampoo to the roots of your hair.

  • Massage:
    After applying shampoo, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. This massage helps the shampoo form a lather while allowing it to penetrate the scalp and hair strands.

  • Rinse hair well:
    Wash your hair adequately under running water to prevent shampoo from remaining on your hair.

  • Repeat if necessary:
    If your hair is very dirty or damaged, you can repeat the process. However, avoid using too much shampoo every time you shampoo.

  • Use of conditioner:
    Using hair care products like conditioner or hair mask after using keratin shampoo can help moisturize and nourish the hair better.

  • Weekly use:
    Keratin shampoo is usually used several times a week. However, you can adjust this frequency according to your hair type and needs.

In conclusion

Keratin shampoo aims to strengthen your hair and give it a healthier appearance by providing special care and applying the appropriate amount of shampoo to your hair by following the correct usage steps. By adjusting its weekly use, you can provide your hair with the benefits of keratin on a regular basis.
In order for your hair to regain its natural shine and healthy appearance, it is important to make sure to use keratin shampoo correctly.

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