Laboratory Chemicals & Control Equipments

Laboratory Chemicals Process & Control Equipments
1-BUTANOL ... Single-Use Bioprocess   Bags
2-BUTANONE ... Bio-Simplex®   Erlenmeyer Flask Systems
2-Propanol extra pure   ... Bio-Simplex® Media   Bottle Assembly Systems
2-Propanol GC ... Bio-Simplex® Sampling   Manifold Systems
2-Propanol Gradient   Grade ... Bio-Simplex® Spinner   Flask Accessories
2-PROPANOL PA ... C-Flex® EZ Top®   Closures
2-PROPANOL PA ... Sani-Tech® Silicone   Stoppers
ACETIC ACID 100 %   EXTRA PURE ... Barblock®   Ultra-Secure Retainers
ACETIC ACID 96 % FOR   ANALYSIS ... PharmaFluor® PFA   Fittings
ACETONE B&J BRAND   ... Pure-Fit® SC Sterile   Connectors
ACETONE ENVISOLV ... Fluoropolymer   Flexible Tubing
Acetone extra pure   ... Fluoropolymer Hoses
Acetone for analysis,   Reag. ACS 195,LF/ 65749-195L ... Fluoropolymer   Protection
Acetone for analysis,   Reag. ACS 2,50LPF/ 65749-2.5L HoseGard
ACETONE GC (KSA) ... Metal Hoses
Acetone GC Plus ... Permanent Crimp   Fittings & Hose Adapters
ACETONITRILE ... ReSeal® Reusable   Fittings
ACETONITRILE dried   0,001%H2O 7,00LMF/ 65739-7L ... Rubber & PVC   Hoses
ACETONITRILE GRADIENT   GRADE 7,00LMF/ ... Silicone & Rubber   Flexible Tubing
ACETONITRILE GRADIENT   GRADE 200,LFP/ 65708-200L ... Silicone Hoses
ACETONITRILE GRADIENT   GRADE (SE) 2,50LFL/ 65708-2.5L Pure-Fit® SIB Systems
Acetonitrile B&J   Brand LC-MS 1,00LFL/ ... Specialty Hoses
Acetonitrile B&J   Brand LC-MS (SE)2,50LFL/ 65709-2.5L Thermoplastic   Elastomer Flexible Tubing
Acetonitrile HPLC   dried ... High Purity Fittings
Acetonitrile Super   Gradient Grade2,50LFL/ 65710-2.5L High Purity   Distribution Pumps
AMMONIA SOLUTION   CA.25%NH3 F.ANAL2,50LPF/ 65871-2.5L High Purity Dosing   Pumps
AMMONIUM CHLORIDE for   analysis 1,00KPF/ 65865-1KG High Purity Manifolds
Ammonium acetate for   analysis 1,00KPF/ 65843-1KG ... High Purity Valves
B34440   N,N-Dimethylformamide(S) 2,50LFL/ 34440-2.5L High Purity   Accessories
B34442   Acetonitrile<0,001%H2O 2,50LFL/ 34442-2.5L High Purity Tubing
B34442   Acetonitrile<0,001%H2O 45,0LMF/ 34442-45L High Purity Hoses
B34944 1,4 Dioxane   DRI.PPA Stab.1,00LFL/ 34944-1L Bio-Simplex®   Single-Use Molded Assemblies
B494410 Pyridine   >=99,9% B-S 1,00LFL/ ... Silicone Seal   Products
B494410 Pyridine   >=99,9% B-S 2,00LFL/ ... Molded Components
B494437   Methanol>=99,93%B-S Ph-Q 1,00LFL/ 494437-1L Extrusion Parts
B494437   Methanol>=99,93%B-S Ph-Q 2,00LFL/ 494437-2L Finishing, Assembly,   Install Solutions
B494445   Acetonitrile>=99,93% B-S 2,00LFL/ 494445-2L Reinforced -   Composite Molding
B494453   Dichlormethane 99,9% B-S 1,00LFL/ 494453-1L Aseptic Sterile   Connectors
B494453   Dichlormethane 99,9% B-S 2,00LFL/ 494453-2L Open Format   Connectors
B494488   Dimethylformamide B-S 1,00LFL/ 494488-1L Steam-In-Place   Connectors
B494488   Dimethylformamide B-S 2,00LFL/ 494488-2L Sterile   Connect/Disconnect Combination Connectors
B494488   Dimethylformamide B-S X1,00LK/ 494488-6X1L Sterile Disconnectors
B494496   1Methyl2pyrrolidin. B-S 1,00LFL/ 494496-1L Bio-Simplex® Tubing   End Assemblies
B494496   1Methyl2pyrrolidin. B-S 2,00LFL/ 494496-2L Blind Mate
B494496   1Methyl2pyrrolidin. B-S 2,50LFL/ 494496-2.5L Latched
B494496   1Methyl2pyrrolidin. B-S 200,LFL/ 494496-200L Metal
B494496   1Methyl2pyrrolidin. B-S X2,00LK/ 494496-4X2L PPSU (Plastic)
B494518 Ethyl acetate   B-S ... Valved
B496189 Chloroform   Stab.99,8%B-S 1,00LFL/ 496189-1L Non-Valved
B496189 Chloroform   Stab.99,8%B-S 2,00LFL/ 496189-2L Non-Spill
B496219   Diisopropyleth.amine B-S ,100LFL/ 496219-100ML Multiline
B496219   Diisopropyleth.amine B-S ,500LFL/ 496219-500ML RFID and   Electrofluidic
B496219   Diisopropyleth.amine B-S 2,00LFL/ 496219-2L Drum Connectors
B571261 Piperidine   >=99,5% B-S ,200LFL/ 571261-200ML Sani-Tech® Sani-Link®   Manifolds
B571261 Piperidine   >=99,5% B-S ,450LFL/ 571261-450ML Quick Disconnect Caps
BENZYL ALCOHOL EXTRA   PURE 2,50LFL/ 65955-2.5L ... Fittings
Blend Chlorobenzene /   Acetic Acid200,LSP/ 66163-200L Accessories
Blend Toluene, IPA,   H2O ... Custom
BOR ACID FOR ANALYSIS   ... Compact Stainless   Steel Bucket System Stainless steel bucket system for ...
BOR ACID FOR ANALYSIS   ... EasyReach™ Cleaning   Tool Lightweight stainless steel flat mop tool
BUFFER SOLUTION PH   10,00 ... Edgeless® Floor Mop   Polyester string mop
BUFFER SOLUTION PH   2,00 1 L ... EasyCurve™ Mop   Lightweight mop for ceilings, walls and floors
BUFFER SOLUTION PH   5,00 1L ... QuickTask™ Mop   Cleanroom flat mops and hardware
BUFFER SOLUTION PH   6,00 1 L ... Contec® DualClean™   Softwall Strip Cleaner for clean environments
BUFFER SOLUTION PH   8,00 1 L ... Sani-Tech® TA Tubing   Assemblies
Buffer solution pH   9,00 (20 °C) 1,00LPF/ 65942-1L ... 5 Gallon (20L)   Multiple Polypropylene Bucket System Stainless steel cart ...
CESIUM CHLORIDE FOR   ANALYSIS ,100KPF/ ... VertiKlean® MAX™ Mop   Wipe System for Mini Environments Versatile tool ...
CITRIC ACID-1-HYDRATE   F. A. ... 6.5 Gallon (25L)   Double Bucket System 6.5 gallon (25L) Double ...
COPPER(II)   SULFATE-5-HYDRATE 1,00KPF/ 66135-1KG EasySat™ Mop   Bucketless mop system
Cyclohexane ... Tax-Fre® Dry Mop Tack   cloth dry mop
CYCLOHEXANE B&J   BRAND ... VertiKlean® MAX™ Mop   Wipe System Versatile tool for single-use wipes ...
CYCLOHEXANE GC ... 5 Gallon (20L) Double   Bucket System 5 gallon (20L) Double ...
Cyclohexane GC Plus   ... QuickConnect™ Handles   Interchangeable mop handles, aluminum and stainless steel
CYCLOHEXANONE EXTRA   PURE 2,50LFL/ 65956-2.5L Clean Scrub™ Mop   Textured mesh covered mop head
D(+)-GLUCOSE   MONOHYDRATE ... Polypropylene Double   Bucket System Autoclavable polypropylene cart and two buckets ...
D(+)-Sucrose extra   pure ... Sani-Tech® Ultra   Sani-Link® Ultra Manifolds
DICHLOROMETHANE   STABILIZED 7,00LMF/ ... Stainless Steel   Multi-Bucket System Stainless steel cart with two buckets ...
Dichloromethane ... Twin Bucket 5 gallon   (20L) divided polypropylene bucket
Dichloromethane GC   ... Buckets Replacement   buckets for Contec's bucket systems
Diethyl ether ... QuickConnect™ Adaptor   Adaptor for QuickTask™ Mops
Diethylether für   Analyse (SE) 2,50LFL/ 65756-2.5L ... Wringers Variety of   wringers for curved and flat mops
Di-iso-propyl ether   ... Bucket System   Accessories Optional bucket system accessories
6.5 gallon (25L)   Multiple Polypropylene Bucket System Stainless steel cart ...
VertiKlean® MAX™ Mop   Foam mop with microfiber face
Compact Polypropylene   Bucket System Versatile multiple bucket system for use ...
CONTEXT™ Cleanroom   Documentation Cleanroom paper and notebooks
Barblock®   Ultra-Secure Retainers
ABRATEC™ Abrasive   Cloths Cleanroom compatible remediation cloths
EliminatR® Pillow   Disposable cleanroom spill control pillow
EliminatR® Sock   Disposable cleanroom spill control sock
Foamtec® Reticulated   100 pore-per-inch polyurethane foam wipes
FoamZorb™ Hydrophilic   polyurethane foam wipes
VK Sponge Absorbent,   abrasion resistant sponge
CONSTIX™ Swabs -   Sealed Foam: SF-1 Round polyurethane sealed foam ...
CONSTIX™ Sealed   Polyester Swabs: SP-8M Double layer sealed knitted microfiber ...
CONSTIX™ Cotton   Swabs: SC-1 Medium double-ended pointed cotton swab
CONSTIX™ Swabs -   Surface Validation: SV-2 Sealed knitted polyester swab ...
Sani-Tech® SIB® 3   Smooth Inner Bore Welding System
CONSTIX™ Swabs -   Sealed Foam: SF-2 Rectangular polyurethane sealed foam ..

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