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Aluminium Sulfate Apocarotenal 10%
Calamine BP Beta Caroten 1%,   water soluble powder
Calamine USP Beta Caroten 10%,   orange, water-soluble powder
Calcium Acetate Beta Caroten 10%,   red, water-soluble liquid
Calcium Acetate Beta Caroten 10%,   yellow, water-soluble liquid
Calcium Bisglycinate Beta Caroten 30%, oil   soluble liquid
Calcium Carbonate DC   90M Beta Caroten 5%,   water soluble liquid
Calcium Carbonate DC   90S Beta Caroten 5%,   water soluble powder
Calcium Carbonate DC   95M Lycopene 10%
Calcium Carbonate DC   95S Calcium Acetate
Ferrous Fumarate DC   90S Calcium Bisglycinate
Ferrous Gluconate   2-hydrate Calcium Carbonate DC   90M
Ferrous Gluconate   2-hydrate Calcium Carbonate DC   90S
Ferrous Lactate   2-hydrate Calcium Carbonate DC   95M
Ferrous Lactate   3-hydrate Calcium Carbonate DC   95S
Ferrous Lactate   3-hydrate Calcium Carbonate DC   97P
Ferrous Oxalate   2-hydrate Calcium Carbonate,   heavy
Ferrous Phosphate Calcium Carbonate,   light (precipitated)
Ferrous Phosphate Calcium Chloride   2-hydrate
Ferrous Sodium   Citrate Calcium Citrate   Malate
Calcium Carbonate DC   97P Calcium Formate
Ferrous Succinate Calcium   Glycerophosphate
Ferrous Sulfate   7-hydrate Calcium Hydrogen   Phosphate 2-hydrate
Ferrous Sulfate,   dried Calcium Hydrogen   Phosphate, anhydrous
Ferrous Sulfate,   dried Calcium Hydroxide
Glycerophosphoric   Acid Calcium Lactate
Magnesium Acetate   4-hydrate Calcium Lactate   Gluconate
Magnesium Acetate,   anhydrous Calcium Lactate PLUS
Magnesium   Bisglycinate Calcium Propionate
Magnesium Carbonate Copper(II)   Bisglycinate
Magnesium Carbonate Copper(II) Gluconate
Calcium Carbonate,   heavy Copper(II) Gluconate,   microencapsulated
Magnesium Carbonate   DC 90S/C Copper(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate, microencapsulated
Magnesium Carbonate   DC 90S/F Dipotassium Phosphate
Magnesium Chloride   6-hydrate Dipotassium Tartrate   0.5-hydrate
Magnesium Chloride   6-hydrate Disodium Citrate   1.5-hydrate
Magnesium Citrate Disodium Phosphate   2-hydrate
Magnesium Citrate Disodium Phosphate,   anhydrous
Magnesium Citrate   Malate Disodium Tartrate   2-hydrate
Magnesium Citrate,   acidic Ferric Ammonium   Citrate, brown
Magnesium DL-Hydrogen   Aspartate 4-hydrate Ferric Ammonium   Citrate, green
Magnesium Gluconate Ferric Phosphate
Calcium Carbonate,   heavy Ferric Pyrophosphate
Magnesium Gluconate Ferric Pyrophosphate   Micro2
Magnesium   Glycerophosphate Ferric Sodium EDTA   3-hydrate
Magnesium   Glycerophosphate Ferric Sodium   Pyrophosphate
Magnesium   Glycerophosphate solution Ferrous Bisglycinate
Magnesium Hydrogen   Citrate Ferrous Citrate
Magnesium Hydrogen   Citrate Ferrous Fumarate
Magnesium Hydrogen   Phosphate 3-hydrate Ferrous Fumarate DC   90S
Magnesium Hydroxide Ferrous Fumarate,   microencapsulated (ingredient 50 %)
Magnesium Hydroxide Ferrous Fumarate,   microencapsulated (ingredient 60 %)
Magnesium Hydroxide   DC 90S Ferrous Gluconate   2-hydrate
Calcium Carbonate,   light (precipitated) Ferrous Lactate   2-hydrate
Magnesium Hydroxide   paste Ferrous Lactate   3-hydrate
Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate Ferrous Sulfate   7-hydrate
Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate Ferrous Sulfate,   dried
Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate DC 100 Ferrous Sulfate,   dried Micro2
Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate DC 100 Ferrous Sulfate,   dried, microencapsulated
Magnesium Lactate,   anhydrous Fluoride Trit 1 % C
Magnesium L-Ascorbate   2-hydrate Iron, electrolytic
Magnesium L-Hydrogen   Aspartate 2-hydrate Iron, reduced
Magnesium Malate LomaSalt® 2.0
Magnesium Oxide LomaSalt® RS 100
Calcium Carbonate,   light (precipitated) LomaSalt® RS 50   Classic
Magnesium Oxide LomaSalt® RS 50   Classic with Iodine
Magnesium Peroxide LomaSalt® RS 50 Extra
Magnesium Stearate LomaSalt® RS 50 Extra   with Sodium Nitrite
Magnesium Sulfate   7-hydrate LomaSalt® RS 50   Neutral
Magnesium Sulfate   7-hydrate Magnesium   Bisglycinate
Magnesium Sulfate   dried Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium Sulfate   dried Magnesium Carbonate   DC 90S/C
Magnesium Trisilicate Magnesium Carbonate   DC 90S/F
Magnesium Trisilicate   DC 90S Magnesium Chloride   6-hydrate
Manganese(II)   Bisglycinate Magnesium Citrate
Calcium Chloride   2-hydrate Magnesium Citrate   Malate
Manganese(II)   Carbonate Magnesium Fumarate   4-hydrate
Manganese(II)   Citrate, soluble Magnesium Gluconate
Manganese(II)   Citrate, soluble Magnesium Hydrogen   Citrate
Manganese(II)   Gluconate 2-hydrate Magnesium Hydrogen   Phosphate 3-hydrate
Manganese(II)   Glycerophosphate Magnesium Hydroxide
Manganese(II)   Glycerophosphate Magnesium Hydroxide   DC 90S
Manganese(II) Lactate   3-hydrate Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate
Manganese(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate Magnesium L-Ascorbate   2-hydrate
Manganese(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate Magnesium L-Glutamate   4-hydrate
Monocalcium Citrate   1-hydrate Magnesium Oxide
Calcium Chloride   2-hydrate Magnesium Oxide,   microencapsulated
Monocalcium Phosphate   1-hydrate Magnesium Potassium   Citrate
Monopotassium   Citrate, anhydrous Magnesium Propionate
Monopotassium   Phosphate Magnesium Stearate
Monopotassium   Phosphate Magnesium Sulfate   7-hydrate
Monopotassium   Tartrate Magnesium Sulfate   dried
Monosodium Citrate,   anhydrous Magnesium Trisilicate   DC 90S
Monosodium Citrate,   anhydrous Manganese(II)   Gluconate 2-hydrate
Monosodium Phosphate   2-hydrate Manganese(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate
Monosodium Phosphate   2-hydrate Manganese(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate, microencapsulated
Monosodium Phosphate,   anhydrous Monocalcium Citrate   1-hydrate
Calcium Citrate   Malate Monocalcium Phosphate   1-hydrate
Potassium Acetate Monopotassium   Citrate, anhydrous

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