Cosmetics Chemicals

Cosmetics Chemicals
Aluminium Citrate
Aluminium Lactate
Ammonium Lactate   solution
Calamine BP
Calamine USP
Calcium Bisglycinate
Calcium Carbonate DC   90M
Calcium Carbonate DC   90S
Calcium Carbonate DC   95M
Calcium Carbonate DC   95S
Calcium Carbonate DC   97P
Calcium Carbonate,   heavy
Calcium   Glycerophosphate
Calcium Hydrogen   Phosphate 2-hydrate
Calcium Hydrogen   Phosphate 2-hydrate DC 100
Calcium Lactate
Calcium Lactate PLUS
Copper(II)   Bisglycinate
Copper(II) Gluconate
Copper(II) Gluconate,   microencapsulated
Diammonium Citrate
Dipotassium Oxalate   1-hydrate
Magnesium   Bisglycinate
Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium Carbonate   DC 90S/C
Magnesium Carbonate   DC 90S/F
Magnesium Hydrogen   Citrate
Magnesium Hydroxide
Magnesium Hydroxide   DC 90S
Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate
Magnesium Lactate   2-hydrate DC 100
Magnesium L-Ascorbate   2-hydrate
Magnesium L-Hydrogen   Aspartate 2-hydrate
Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Oxide,   microencapsulated
Magnesium Peroxide
Magnesium Potassium   Citrate
Magnesium Stearate
Magnesium Sulfate   7-hydrate
Manganese(II)   Gluconate 2-hydrate
Manganese(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate
Manganese(II) Sulfate   1-hydrate, microencapsulated
Monopotassium   Phosphate
Potassium Aluminium   Sulfate 12-hydrate
Potassium Gluconate
Potassium Lactate   solution
Sodium Lactate   solution
Sodium Malate
Sodium Molybdate   2-hydrate in Calcium Carbonate 1 %
Sodium Molybdate   2-hydrate in Maltodextrin 1 %
Sodium Selenite   anhydrous
Sodium Selenite in   Sodium Citrate
Sodium Sulfate   10-hydrate
Strontium Acetate
Tetrasodium   Pyrophosphate
Tricalcium Citrate   4-hydrate
Tripotassium Citrate,   anhydrous
Trisodium Citrate   2-hydrate
Trisodium Citrate   5.5-hydrate
Trisodium Citrate,   anhydrous
Zinc Acetate   2-hydrate
Zinc Bisglycinate
Zinc Citrate   3-hydrate
Zinc Gluconate
Zinc Lactate   2-hydrate
Zinc Lactate   3-hydrate
Zinc L-Ascorbate
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide,   microencapsulated
Zinc Peroxide
Zinc Sulfate   1-hydrate
Acrylates Copolymer
Acrylates Copolymer,   Steareth-20
Alginate Based Peel   Of Mask
Aqua, Glycerin,   Sorbitol, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Lecithin, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum ...
Aqua, Sodium   Levulinate, Sodium Benzoate
Behentrimonium   Chloride
Bleached lanolin   alcohol
Butyl Stearate
C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
C12-15 Alkyl Lactate
C18-C22 Hydroxyalkyl   Hydroxypropyl Guar
Capryl Glycol,   Dipropylene Glycol, Glyceryl Caprylate
Caprylyl Glycol
Cetearyl alcohol   & Ceteareth-25
Cetearyl   Ethylhexanoate
Cetearyl   Ethylhexanoate (and) Isopropyl Myristate
Cetearyl Isononanoate
Cethyl Ethylhexanoate
Cholesterol to EP   specification
Cosmetic grade   lanolin acid
Croton Lechleri Resin   Powder
Diisopropyl Adipate

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